L'Equipe SA Joly

S.A. Joly, with its dynamic team of engineers and technicians always ready to answer to each demand of our customers, assures a total quality management while remaining available at all times for our customers.

The conception and industrialization of the drums, with a patented metallic staving application (patent85.15222) and incorporated cradle. The metallic staving provides an effective and secure protection for cables but also for the most fragile fibers (optics). This technology and know-how is recognized by registered insurance companies.

So as to offer made-to-order solutions for all type of loading, SA Joly proposes a wide range of tooled drums, hot- galvanized treated drums, compartmental drums, dismantling drums with retractable barrels, drums with a stamped/flange conception.

Our company proposes as well, a complete range of double winding winches, stocking winches for offshore and/or underwater operations, machines for rolling and unrolling the drums, and diverse equipment for loading and unloading.

We offer the most reactive lead-times with both the means and the qualified manpower to answer your industrial maintenance needs, both preventive and corrective. With our mechanical and electrical expertise we can work with you to optimize your tools of production.

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