We design and manufacture made-to-order machines. They are designed to best meet the needs of the precise specifications of our customers.
Their use is adapted to workshops as well as on-site locations.
Our Quality Guarantee: All of our machines are able to have an EU (CE) Certification.


Winding/Unwinding Machines

These machines are made up of motorized winders or rollers which allow the drums to rotate, by being held by rollers/winders and a [...]

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treuil blanc


This machine is used for unwinding the cable from the drum by taking it from its axis and letting it rotate with the help of a cable guide. This can be used in the workshop, on-site or offshore. The power [...]

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Two and Three Track Pulling Device

This machine enables the cable to be pulled at a constant speed and force. The power of the motorization: electric, pneumatic [...]

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This machine allows for the rotation of the drum with the help of the motorized roll and crimping the plates of the staving of the drum. The power of the motorization: electric. The power of the crimping [...]

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