To better meet your demands, all of our drums are designed and made to measure, respecting your specifications.
Our team of technicians work in direct collaboration with you, and propose our best solutions to provide “fit-for-purpose” drums of any size and with any covering suitable to your needs.

bobine export joue lisse SA Joly

Export Drums

These drums are reserved for the transportation of cable. They are conceived for a one-off, one-time use. It is adapted to all types of shipping, either road or maritime shipping [...]

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Process Drums

Very resistant drums, which can support intensive use and numerous handling actions. So as to be perfectly adapted to the receptioning machine of production, the conception of these drums [...]

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bobine multiway SA Joly

Multi-Way Drums

These drums are created for multi-use purposes owing to a reinforced security coefficient used by our technical staff. Adapted to all types of shipping, either road or maritime. The drums [...]

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bobine à caisson SA Joly

Special drums

Product description – Special drums SA JOLY also proposes a large range of special drums: Oversized drums that can be dismantled (to facilitate the transport with reassembly on-site).[...]

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